"Restaurant Menu Creation"

At PSI, we don't just make menus. Our menus are the result of an extensive measuring and detailed analysis. Our menus tightly connect your concept, your facility and your clientele. Our menus drive revenue and minimize 

risk. Our menus will position you for

unlimited success in the world of...

About Us

"Restaurant Menu Design"

A recent study showed, that of all the restaurants that failed in that year, 93% were independent operators. In spite of all the support for small business, evidence suggests the big guys are crushing the little guys more now than ever before. Why is this? Let's take a look. Most people see a menu as an...



"Restaurant Menu Development"

Chef Phil Iannuccilli began his career in his native Long Island, New York. He graduated culinary school with honors, first in his class. He did an extended apprenticeship at a four-star French Restaurant, under a highly revered French Chef. He worked for a great American Chef... cooking, and then turning to the...

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