"Restaurant Menu System"

This menu system was fully created and brought to you by PSI Restaurant Consulting. It is the ultimate weapon for independent operators today! It was designed for all types of restaurant people. For the uninitiated, it’s a crash course education and virtual owner’s manual. For the seasoned professional, it’s whatever you want it to be. It’s a living system of logic, based on creativity! It can and should be modified, to suit your needs. The system was born from a burning intent to bring serious order to owning and operating a restaurant. The goal was to create a formula that strives to eliminate risk, while aggressively moving forward. The average restaurant is a firestorm of moving parts, never connected to maximize potential. Restaurateurs preside over endless responsibilities on an everyday basis. Like other businesses... there's purchasing, inventory, production, staffing, bookkeeping, marketing, and hopefully, many forms of efficiency. However, the difference is, restaurants face a tremendous risk of failure, like no other business on earth. Therefore, it is more critical, that all parts of a restaurant are tightly connected and working as one! Our system only includes the most important aspects of restaurant operations. It's designed to focus on and wrap your brain around those things that drive revenue and control costs. Based on many years in food and business, we've gained a unique perspective, shared by few. What we do, can only be done by several experts of varying disciplines. In that case, the cost to you, would be multiplied by the number of experts and the results would be disjointed. So, contact us today! Let's get to it! We want to fight for you!

Menu System Includes

  • Location Study & Analysis
  • Market Competition Survey
  • Research & Development
  • Customized Menu Creation
  • Menu Item Specifications
  • Kitchen Work Organization
  • Master Production Schedule
  • Kitchen Command & Control
  • Foundational Batch Recipes
  • Kitchen Policies & Procedures
  • Master Categorized Inventory
  • Standardized Recipe Template
  • Vertical Cold Storage Chart
  • Time/Temperature Control
  • Critical Operational Formulas
  • Cost Structuring Parameters
  • Quality Marketing Guidelines
  • Office System Organization
  • Standing Recommendations


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