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A recent study showed, that of all the restaurants that failed in that year, 93% were independent operators. In spite of all the support for small business, evidence suggests the big guys are crushing the little guys more now than ever before. Why is this? Let’s take a look.
Most people see a menu as an organized selection of tasty dishes. Hopefully, it looks good… sounds good… it’s priced right… Usually, a menu is all of these things. But to have a successful restaurant, you need a whole lot more. First, a perfectly engineered menu is based on three things – concept, logistics and market expectations. All three must be carefully analyzed, and in absolute harmony with the menu. Then, there's creativity. Creativity sets you apart from others and gives you the competitive edge needed to succeed. However, creativity is nothing without standards and policies. It’s the system that enables you to deliver consistent quality goods and services. 

Years ago, the big guys had all the systems, but their food was just okay. Independent restaurants had no systems, but made better quality food and offered a warmer style of service. Today, the little guy still does not have strong systems in place. To make matters worse... corporate brands have evolved in a very significant way. Their food keeps getting better and better. Have you noticed? They cook fresh food now. They have teams of corporate executive chefs working for them. Market analysts are studying every move we make. Billions of dollars are spent each year on advertising and research and development. Do you realize who you are in the ring with? Maybe you could use a bit of help to protect your investment? We are here to level the playing field. We want to fight for you!


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